Our story

FurzAid was first conceptualised as a business and App after the successful rescue of our street cat Calix in June of 2017, however, its roots run far-further into the past. For over eight years, we have been feeding, assisting, bringing medical attention to and trying to find homes for all sorts of animals in the UK, across Europe, Australia and many destinations around the globe. In all our experiences, there are two universal truths to animal rescue:

  • There is always someone in any location, anywhere on the planet trying to do their best to bring assistance to the animals in need within their area.
  • It is currently extremely difficult to find and connect with these people, charities, sanctuaries, organisations, vets and volunteers in these locations, through a myriad of platforms, search engines and social media channels.

The FurzAid Animal Rescue App addresses and solves both of these issues to empower people who wish to take action for animals, to help them bring speedy assistance to any animal in need.

To fully grasp how FurzAid, the Animal Rescue App brings the power of assisting an animal in need, you can watch our promotional video below. Or read the full story of how FurzAid was conceptualised and created here, by our Founder, Adam Ilko.

Why FurzAid?

Let’s face it, everyone has that story of the stray, lost or injured animal that they came across and wished they could do something. And yet, it’s often not that simple. Many people face the same barriers when it comes to animal rescue:

  • they don’t know who to contact and what to search for;
  • they don’t know how much this is going to cost them in terms of time and money;
  • they often perceive the problem as too difficult, look the other way and try to move on from that unpleasant experience.

Facing the same difficulties over and over again, we’ve decided to create a tool that evaporates all of the obstacles mentioned above along with many others. We are developing an app that empowers you to take action in less than 30 seconds, using only your phone. There is no other platform anywhere in the world that provides quick access, connectivity and assistance, with such broad scope but also with a simple and streamlined user experience.

The Challenges to Animal Rescue.

Animal Rescue and Assistance is benefitted most by more people being aware, connected and involved. However, there are often many challenges to taking action or participating in a rescue.

The common challenges being:

  • Something easy to use.
  • Safety (personal and that of the animal).
  • Risk of attack, injury or infection.
  • Knowledge of action to take.
  • Confidence in ability to be of assistance.
  • Fear.
  • Time constraints.
  • Language barriers.
  • Mess.


How FurzAid makes it so easy.

Here, FurzAid overcomes these challenges and brings the power of Animal Rescue to your fingertips.

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Furzaid allows you to take fast action on your phone:


  • By having the App contact all the Organisations within the area and having them receive the notification, this allows the User the most simple and effective way to take-action to help an animal, with no other effort on their behalf. Any other method that currently exists, requires far more involvement from the person who has seen the animal and is thus the primary barrier to action being considered in the first place.
  • With all actions being performed on the Users phone, there is not a requirement for the person to touch or handle the animal, should they wish not to.
  • The User not needing to put themselves in harm’s way or within the same environment as the animal (such as remaining in the safety of their car).
  • The User is connected (via their post) to the animal professionals within the area, who can respond with the correct advice on what action to take and instil confidence on how the User should proceed.
  • The fast and simple action of just ‘Posting a Rescue’ may well be enough to bring assistance to the animal in need. Therefore, if the person is in a rush, then at least they have ‘done something’.
  • If the User does not speak the same language as the professional who picks up the rescue, they can translate the ‘back and forth’ sent messages between themselves.
  • Not wanting to mess up your car or clothing with the results of a horribly injured animal, by bringing the professionals to the scene to help this animal (such as an injured deer in a vehicle accident).

Of course, should you want to, FurzAid and the rescuers would love for you stick around, help out, comfort the animal and possibly assist in the rescue. After all, would you not feel great being able to share with your friends that ‘You’ saved the life of an animal on your holiday…


How FurzAid helps you.

Along with ‘Post a New Rescue’, Photo – GeoTag – Comment – Post, Did you know that FurzAid Animal Rescue App goes far beyond empowering you to only bring assistance to animals that you find in need?

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Here’s how:

  • Creation of a User Profile: Name, Profile Photo, About Info, Organisations belonging to, Reviews and Rescues, etc…
  • Protect your own Pets: Within your User Profile, you can list your own pets (private view), name, an image, description and microchip details. So that should one ever be lost, you can quickly post “Lost Pet” from your profile to blast out to the local community, an instant notification, with the aim to give you the best chance to bring your furry family member home. *This Opt In is a paid subscription feature.
  • Rewards for Rescues Posted: Be rewarded for the animal rescues that you have tried to bring assistance to.
  • Share your Animal Rescues on Social Media: Post a rescue of an animal that you helped, rescued or saved its life on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Post a Review: Review other Users, Charities, Sanctuaries, Organisations, Veterinarians and Volunteers that have responded to or aided in your animal rescue. Star Ratings & Comments. Share to Social Media.
  • Chat Facility: Talk to those involved in your rescue in real time. Keeping track of your rescue and being updated of the animals condition and recovery.
  • Map View ‘In Vicinity’ or ‘Search Location’: Find any Animal Charity, Sanctuary, Organisation, Veterinarian or Volunteer to help any animal you find on your next holiday, anywhere in the world.
  • Volunteer and assist a local sanctuary or organisation in dog walking, a project or working-bee that the C.S.O has listed on their ‘Assist Us’ page, or via the ‘Pop-Up’ notification you receive.
  • Support and Donate: Follow the Organisations that have responded to your animal rescue post and make a donation directly to support their ongoing work.
  • Receive pop-up alerts from those Organisations and Volunteers in your vicinity or those that you are connected with, of other Animal Rescue Posts or “Lost Pets”.
  • With many more features to come in future version releases.

So if you would like to be one of the first to experience FurzAid Animal Rescue App, become a Beta Tester or just receive news and updates on our development, please subscribe to our newsletter here.


How FurzAid helps Volunteers and Organisations.

The success of FurzAid Animal Rescue App is through the reach, the amazing support and the tireless work of all of the Animal Charities, Sanctuaries, Organisations, Veterinarians and Volunteers who respond to your calls for animal assistance.

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FurzAid gives back to them by providing a backend management platform and everyday tool to aid them in the following:

  • Issue Job Numbers: Pretext nominated. Sequentially Issued. Searchable. Taggable – Open, Closed, Active, In Progress, Dormant.
  • Create Job Names: Can be the Rescue name moved over. Can be given new name. Searchable.
  • Notations: Notes made within a job or rescue. Notes can be allotted a classification – Open viewed, Restricted to C.S.O members, Restricted to Administrators, Medical, Author view only. Etc…
  • List of Rescues (history): Searchable. Sequential. Can possibly ‘flag to top’ the greatest success stories.
  • Post a Job: Able to post a rescue from this page to its members.
  • Chat facility: Chronological feed for discussions between members and volunteers.
  • Reviews: Star Rating and comments that are displayable upon the Organisations profile page.
  • Shareable Social Media Content: Able to share rescue success stories to social media to grow audience and bring awareness.
  • Accept Donations: A ‘Call to Action’ that directs donations straight to the organisations chosen financial location. No middle handling of monies.
  • Invite, accept, create, decline members.
  • Discover, create, network and grow and audience: To bring them more awareness, exposure and support to benefit their work with animals.
  • With many more features to come in future version releases.

This is just our small way to help those that help you to help animals in need.

If your Animal Organisation could benefit from the backend management platform of FurzAid Animal Rescue App, if you would like to become a Beta Tester or just receive news and updates on our development, please subscribe to our newsletter here.


Charities, Sanctuaries, Organisations & Affiliates

We have found need, have worked with, visited, assisted and supported numerous organisations.

See Which

The Mayhew Animal Home –  Is an animal welfare charity working to improve life for cats, dogs and the people in our community – at their home in London and internationally. We adopted our rescue cat Mitchell from here.

Dogs Trust UK – Is an animal welfare charity and humane society in the United Kingdom which specialises in the well-being of dogs. We have sponsored dogs that cannot be re-homed.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary – Where unwanted and abused animals are given much needed sanctuary. Visiting and supporting their horse and donkey sanctuary in Norfolk.

Goldra Dog Sanctuary – Looks after dogs in the Algarve that have been abandoned and need a home. We visited this organisation in 2014 and have supported them since.

Animal Aid – Campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promotes cruelty-free living. Adam fundraised for them, by completing a 6km open water swim in 2015.

Skiathos Dog Shelter – Is a Dog Sanctuary on this beautiful island in the Aegean, working hard to happily rehome the unwanted dogs. We visited supported & participating in their tourist dog walking program and continue to promote their amazing work.

FOS Thassos Animal Shelter – Is an animal rescue shelter helping the unwanted animals of the island. They greatly helped us with rescue assistance of our street cat Calix.

Care 4 Cats Ibiza – Are focused and determined to vastly improve the health and well-being of Ibiza’s homeless cats. This organisation is perhaps dearest to Adam’s heart and he has supported, raised money for and volunteered with, for many years now, video here.

Paws2Rescue – A London based Charity & Organisation that rescues Stray Dogs from the streets and kill shelters in Romania. Finding them loving forever homes in the UK and Europe.

Cats In Need Menorca – A non-profit organisation neutering, feeding and caring for stray cats in Menorca since 1999.


Success Stories

Here you can find the videos of some of our greatest rescue success stories.

–   Calix
–   Pingo
–   Cleo


Now, discover the team behind FurzAid!


Adam Ilko

I’m an Aussie with a real passion for social activism and making change for the better. A committed Vegan with a keen interest in campaigning for animal rights, the environment and socially responsible business practices.

As the Founder of FurzAid and a therapies business owner, I have over fifteen years management and ownership experience.

I’m extremely passionate for spreading the message of ‘Powering Animal Assistance’ through our ‘Animal Warrior Tribe, the #JustTry campaign and the global promotion of FurzAid Animal Rescue App.

If you would like to read my back story of how I came to being the Founder of an Animal Rescue App company, please follow this link.

Ashleigh Huskinson
Lead Designer

She’s the one who creates all online and mobile design’s.

Ashleigh has worked as a Teacher for Art and Design in schools in Australia, England, and Germany in her early career. After transitioning into the tech industry she has worked with early stage startups to create branding visions for their IOS and Android apps. Ashleigh helps startups with their User Experience, Prototyping, User Interaction, and branding.

Ashleigh is a pug lover originally from Sydney living in Stockholm, you can find her on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleigh-huskinson-32651389





Tom Precey
FurzAid Video Producer

Tom is the founder and producer of TeePee Films, a London based Lifestyle production company that specialises in branded content, music, docs and the arts.

“As a massive dog lover (my family has had dogs all my life) I know the first-hand difficulties of trying to bring a lost dog home to its owners. When I was a kid, I rescued a lost and very scared dog in a park. It took our family aver a week to find his owners, finally through the support of the police. It was the best feeling to see him happily reunited with his owners. His name was Skippy.