Calix. The Cat with Nine Lives.

How is it possible that one single furry little soul can dramatically shift the course of a human life?

I guess we see it often enough in the media, where an animal affects a person so profoundly, just by being the naturally empathic and compassionate creatures that they are, that we should expect this to happen in our our lives at some stage. However, even as a vegan, an animal lover and a person who was already trying to do my best for stray and street animals that I came across, I never in my wildest dreams thought that one rescue would push me far beyond any action for animals I had ever taken before, and teach me so much about an animals tenacity to fight for life. If only someone gives them the opportunity to just try.

This is the story of how Calix, the Cat with Nine Lives, changed the course of mine forever.

On our June Summer holiday 2017, upon the island of Thassos Greece, we had already searched out and were feeding local colonies of stray cats within the first day of our arrival. For this has always been part of any vacation itinerary, whilst also connecting with a local sanctuary or organisation to assist them in their animal work. However, we knew this trip had the feeling of being different right from the start, when we were coming across far more sick and injured animals than what we had experienced in other locations we had visited. Along with the fact that there was an almost overwhelming number of street cats, it seemed that 3 out of 5 individuals we saw had some kind of injury, illness or both. We knew that just giving them food was not going to be enough!

Enlisting the help of an amazing local vet, we brought assistance to a big old ginger, who was suffering with a nasty flu, a family of kittens that had various fighting wounds, infection and illnesses and some strays that just needed a bit of TLC. Most of these cats required a two week antibiotic injection and a topological flea, tick & worm treatment and could be released back into their colony the same day.

And then we came across this tiny emaciated ball of black fluff…

So weak, dehydrated and ill he could barely lift his head, a necrotic and inflamed left eye, suffering ringworm and riddled with fleas. Can you imagine this poor little warriors life so far? Seven weeks old, sick to his very core, scared, feeling unloved and being shunned by the colony, his siblings and even his own mother. For they could likely smell the illness radiating from him and were beginning to distance themselves from his inevitable death.

We couldn’t be just another person that looks the other way. We had to just try to take action for this little guy.

Scooping him up and rushing him to our vet friend, he was administered the antibiotic injection, inoculations, had his left eye removed, sub-dermal hydration, vitamin booster, antibiotic drops for his eyes, topological treatments and a full physical clean up. If he survived the night, we knew that abandoning this little fighter was not going to be an option. We snuck him into our hotel room, ordered room service and kept this little man safe and attended to.

The following morning, his fleas were gone, his right eye had cleared and he was a bony bag of hungry cuddles. He just could not get enough of snuggling into us, almost forgoing food just so he could try to climb that bit deeper into the crook of my elbow. This loving fur ball was digging his tiny claws into life and was not going anywhere. That was the moment for me, I was hooked. He became Calix and we would do everything in our power to try to give this one-eyed angel a life deserving of his will to live it.

It was a long journey to get him to London and even longer to get him healthy beyond all of his illnesses. He certainly cashed in a few of his nine lives to beat the odds to still be with us today. But in the end, it was not as hard as one might assume. It was just a process, and like any process that you have not experienced before, as long as you keep moving forward, you will find your way to which ever successful outcome that is destined.

Finding and rescuing Calix, introduced me to the knowledge that wherever there are animals that you may find in need, there is always a person or organisation in location that is trying to do their very best for those animals. You may just have to apply yourself a little to seek them out to bring their assistance.

Loving Calix and fighting for him to have a shot at life, changed the course of mine, by introducing me to the fact that every animal is worth fighting for and every animal wants you to just try to help them. No matter how bad their circumstance.

This little soul is the heart and spirit of my passion for animal rescue, the catalyst for the creation of FurzAid and my unwavering inspiration to bring the Animal Rescue App to fruition.

Empowering a whole world of Animal Warriors to take action for an animal in need, in less than 30 seconds, using only their smart phone.

Thank you Calix. I will love you forever and FurzAid, Animal Rescue App is my gift to you.

If you would like to watch the full video story of Calix’s rescue and journey, you can view here:

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