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Mock up Image of the Furzaid app on a mobile phone

FurzAid Primary Feature

The simplistic and elegant design of the primary action of FurzAid Animal Rescue App, ensures that you can quickly and easily notify the animal professionals within your area, of an animal that you have found that requires assistance.

This is performed by the following four easy steps:

Line icon of a camera

Take (or upload) a photograph of the animal which you are trying to bring assistance to & ‘Name your Rescue’.

Icon of two tags in line drawn style

Geographically Tag the current location of the animal needing assistance, or place the ‘Pin’ where you last saw the animal.

A speech bubble as an outline

Add a brief comment below the map, ie; description of the animals situation, injury, illness, temperament, sex, etc…

A line icon of a hand pointing a finger downward

Get the attention of the local animal community by sharing this rescue.

FurzAid will take it from there. We will reach out to those animal professionals in location that can bring the best assistance to the animal you’ve found.

It’s that Simple!


FurzAid App in Action.

Here you can watch a live animation of the step-through features of the Photo – GeoTag – Comment – Post functionality of FurzAid Animal Rescue App..

Along with this, the video also showcases a flow-through of:

  • What the posted rescue looks like.
  • What happens when a Animal Professional responds to a ‘Rescue Post’ request.
  • Communication, tracking and timeline of the rescue and what happens beyond.

The Furzaid Kickstarter Mockup

FurzAid helps Animal Organisations.

Along with Users being able to create their own profile, protect their pets with the ‘Lost Pet’ feature and manage & share their animal rescues, a big part of FurzAid’s success is due to the tireless work of the organisations, vets and volunteers who respond to your animal rescue posts.

We give back to them by providing a backend management platform and an everyday tool in support of their amazing animal work. These main platform features are:

  • Task Organisation – Issuing Job Numbers, Notes & History management.
  • Chat Facility – Discussion Feed for Organisation Members.
  • Reviews & Donations – Followers contributions, feedback & support.
  • Social Media Posting – Share your rescue success stories to social media for raising awareness and audience growth.

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