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What is FurzAid?

FurzAid is a new concept App that empowers an army of Animal Loving device users with a simple action tool to bring assistance to any stray, lost or found, injured, ill or just down-trodden animal that they find anywhere.

The ease of the FurzAid user experience of Photo – GeoTag – Comment – Post, connects the App user to those local Charities, Sanctuaries, Organisations, Veterinarians & Volunteers, to bring speedy assistance to the animal in need. Be the animal domestic wildlife, farm or even marine.

Who made FurzAid?

“One person does not have the power to change the world for every animal, but every person has the power to change one animals world.”

This is the ethos of FurzAid. The team behind FurzAid followed this philosophy to bring you this groundbreaking app.

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What will the app look like?

We are designing and developing the FurzAid App to be a simplistic and robust user interface with a friendly and elegant user experience.

The features and benefits of the App are always animal-centric, acting for the plight of animals in need and supporting those that try to help.

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Global empowerment of people to become the change in the world, for the betterment of animals. For “One person does not have the power to change the world for every animal, but every person has the power to change one animal’s world.” This is the power of the FurzAid Animal Rescue App.


To arm every Animal Lover, Pet Owner and Animal Organisation with the most powerful and versatile Animal Assistance App globally, in a space that is devoid of any such platform and yet is sorely needed. Delivering both a simple action tool and complete management package, from first contact, to rescue completion and beyond.


In case you stumble upon an injured animal or lose your beloved pet, with our app all you have to do is capture or upload a photo with your phone, add a location tag and post the rescue. FurzAid will take it from there. We will reach out to those in location that can bring the best assistance to the animal you’ve found, or help reunite you with your furry family member.








Introduction to FurzAid – How does the App work?

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